Martin Kollie’s Early Sabbatical Sends Wrong Signals

Feb 12, 2024 - 07:02
Feb 12, 2024 - 14:57
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Martin Kollie’s Early Sabbatical Sends Wrong Signals

Monrovia: On the 6th of February 2024, Martin Kollie declared a sabbatical for himself, after a long run battle to hang on to Minister of Foreign Affairs from being confirmed or even worst, that the President withdraws her nomination with immediate effect, Knewsonline has reliably gathered that he sent text to the President of Liberia, even had members of the legislature onboard his campaign to have the President withdraw her nomination; all these took place like wide fire, as senators visited the President with their resolutions to withdraw her nomination on grounds she had marital and credential issues.


This took the brave act of her son (Unnamed) to walk into the draw and disabuse the minds of Liberians who were glued to social media talk shows in the 1st place, who approved the airing of the personal life of Minister Beysolow, what matters is not the various noise and attacks in the Minister's person, but the manner in which Mr. Martin Kollie went to a self-imposed Exile. Just after she had attended the hearing for her confirmation as Minister, to be accepted or rejected.


Mr. Martin Kollie went on a self-imposed sabbatical without completing his too talking CACC assignment to have every nominee scrutinized for best output, and the grounds for such were not justified, as the job was incomplete. The attacks and counterattacks have not stopped till now, where a Blogger from the cold state of Minnesota, USA in Jessica Jarry, came out to accuse Mr. Martin Kollie of being paid by Mcdella Cooper to cause mental and psychological harm to the now foreign minister, purely on grounds that if she is rejected, she Mcdella Cooper will be the replacement.


Several persons interviewed are of the opinion that Mcdella Cooper should not have had a single chance of serving the president for which she tried undermining without boundaries. These and more actions are signs of desperation.


The big question is why sabbatical when the job is still ongoing, was it due to the fact that Minister Nyanti diminished the lies and won the full admiration of the nation and the global community with clear knowledge of her assignment as shown in the answers to very tough questions thrown her way by seasoned senators like Sen. Albert Chea and Sen. James Barney and others? Or her serious exposure of experience and competence as she provided leads to every question requiring answers purely based on experience?


True be told, the sabbatical is pre matured and sends wrong signals globally that Minister Sara Beysolow Nyanti was targeted from the word go, the intensity upon which the attack took three phases.


1. Academic

2. Domestic

3. International duties


She suffered from academic deficiencies.


That she was not fit to be a wife or mother


She was fired by her former employer.


All these were disproved without doubt. She indeed left no one in doubt as to every question asked, which left the world gaping with her humble beginning in life....


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