NEC Supervisor unleashed the Dragon over Allegations Against her by Speaker Chambers

Jan 15, 2024 - 07:13
Jan 15, 2024 - 07:13
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NEC Supervisor unleashed the Dragon over Allegations Against her by Speaker Chambers

MARYLAND, Liberia:  Temporary Staff of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Cece Munah Nimely who served in Pleebo Sodoken District as an Electoral Supervisor (ES) has broken silence over allegations labeled against her by outgoing house Dr. Speaker Bhofal Chambers.


It can be recalled the legal processes which led to a re-run in Old Sodoken, district #2, Maryland County with precinct code #27020, Chambers lawyers displayed an Audio recording before the Supreme Court of Liberia.


The recording shows voices interacting with a statement, "I am the one who stuffed the ballots in his favor. That little votes he got, I am the one who stuffed ballots in his favor. Da me do it."


Bhofal Chambers lawyers alleged that it was the electoral staff Cece Munah Nimely who was telling one of Chambers' supporters Mechizedeck Toe (City Mayor of Harper) how she stuffed ballots in favor of Representative Elect Anthony F. Williams.


Few hours after the Supreme Court ruled for a re-run in Old Sodoken 27020, Maryland County, Cece Munah Nimely had this on her official Facebook page:

"Supreme Court has all the power to subpoena GSM company. Why they didn't? Rite brotherhood defense.

 A higher Court makes a ruling without evidence of claims. Liberia's Legal System needs repair."  She said.


However, it came as a surprise during the evening hours of Sunday, January 14, 2024 when the NEC worker released a post on her official Facebook page, where she was dressed in black, with her face downwards to the ground.


"So a Melchizedek Toe is passing around telling people that the Supreme Court called for a Re-run in Old Sodoken precinct because he has a recording wherein I told him that I did ballot stuffing for Anthony Williams even though his sham recording pointed at him and the Supreme Court Chief and Associates Justices refused to subpoena any of the two GSM companies because they knew it was all lies. (Indeed, you're mentally ill)!


‘’For the past few months, my family and other well-wishers have asked me to remain silent for a genuine reason that I'm not going to expose. But my being silent has made you Melchizedek, Chambers and your fellow surrogates to continue saying nonsense.”

She wrote ‘’Melchizedek, Chambers, his girlfriend, and others might have refused to tell the truth and reasons why you guys hate me and can't get my name off your hogwash mouths." She reacted in the post.



Cece counts

️ Your tell the public that I'm being hated because I refused the $15,000US that was offer me to cheat in your behalf.

️Your tell the people that your went to my Middle-Cess residence by 12:00 midnight for me to help your and I made your expose your strategy on how your intent to change the result in your favor during tally and AB Bah who you given an initial $3,000US to do that work was not successful because he was put out of the fance the following morning he planned to do that and all others were exposed.

️Your tell the people that your intent giving the Presiding Officers three (3) bikes ???? and some cash to lie that Country Devil disrupted the process and I told them not to tell an untruth because there is something call tomorrow.

️Your tell the people that I was later offered $50,000US and an overseas fully funded study in the heat of the NEC-BOC hearing for me to lie that I stuffed ballot for Anthony Williams and I also rejected that.

️Your tell the people that when the presiding Officers appear in Monrovia Chambers' girlfriend Arimity wanted to abduct them so that they would tell a lie against Williams but I created a safe place for them.

️Your tell the people that Chambers wanted a Re-run because according to (Chambers), the Muslim leader told him that their women didn't turn out to vote because they were mourning their loss so they will give him their vote during the re-run. (A comical assertion ????)

Your tell the people of Pleebo Sodoken District the truth!"


Nimely, with regrets over the Supreme Court's decision, pointed out to disappointed supporters of Representative Elect Anthony F. Williams in the post, saying, "To Anthony Williams supporters, some of you responded to a fake voice recording by insulting me based on ignorance. Let it be known that what you guys were seeing on the surface as ordinary wasn't ordinary. My life, including the two Presiding Officers' lives, had been at risk since the onset of this and up to the present.

My decision to protect Anthony Williams vote was a self and legitimate decision that I didn't take a cent for.

Even if it takes a hundred years, I will still be proud of the decision I took!"


Meanwhile, several comments and views continue to engage Madam Nimely tough speech, as citizens see it in different dimensions.


Eighteen years, he has not done anything for Pleebo people and Maryland" Amos Karyen commented.


George Wlateh had his saying on the post "I know the kind of lady you are, so I had some reservation on the idiosyncratic contention from chambers and his supporters. The supreme court is grossly compromised. A man like chambers continues to dole out millions to thwart the Will of the people. God is not dead. He'll come to our aid.


Ben Collins, is one of those who opposed, as his comment states, "CECE, WHY NOW?"  Where were you when the public were desperately in  need of clarity from you? This is belated to me????"????"


As it is now, citizens are confused over the rerun announced to be held in the district, as most of those who voted, have gone out for school and other purposes.


As the Liberian 1986 constitution puts it in Article 83.C, the National Elections Commission is expected to give an official timetable for the rerun elections in Old Sodoken.

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