Police to receive International training says IG Coleman 

Apr 15, 2024 - 13:37
Apr 15, 2024 - 13:39
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Police to receive International training says IG Coleman 

By: Rachel Saykiemein

Monrovia, Liberia: The head of the Liberia National police Inspector Gregory Coleman has disclosed in a news conference that senior officers of the Liberia National police are expected to receive training very soon from the Minneapolis Police Chief Brain O’Hara of the United States of America.

The news conference was held on early Tuesday morning of April 11, 2024 at the headquarters of the Liberia National police. Mr. O’Hara was the one handled the George Ford situation Minneapolis, Minnesota United States of America in 2020.

According to the Police Inspector General, Mr. O’Hara is also expected to share his experience on how he handle the situation involving George Ford that brought calm to that City in America.

The Minneapolis Police Chief will train senior officers of the police on how to handle similar situation in which George Ford was involved with when it befalls them.

During his visit to the United States of America in late March of 2024, he held several meetings with law enforcement agencies and said meetings are expected to will benefit immensely senior officers of the Liberian police force.

In one of his meetings held, it was agreed upon that 30 police officers will be trained in the United States and this training will be done in two forms in which the first fifteen officers will leave for the training in the United States and followed by the second batch of officers in which they will train other officers upon their return.

At the same time, the police IG have revealed that females police officers to occupy leadership positions within the police force in order to achieve the thirty percent women participation in leadership role.

IG Coleman said, these female officers who are expected to occupy senior leadership positions in the police force, will be trained and selected based on merit system and not who know you as it has been in true past.

He added that female leadership is very important in every sector because females are exceptional in their workings.

However, IG Coleman also informed journalists that the investigation involving the Kinjor incident which claimed the lives of three persons has been concluded but said investigations report has been turned over to the Civilian Complainant board to also review it and recommend to them.

The Civilian Complainant board is comprised of the Liberian National Bar Association, Federation of Liberian Youth, Civil Society Organizations amongst others.

Inspector Coleman added that his leadership in the police administration will be more constructive rather than using excessive force in doing things.

He expressed that he will be constructive in engaging things with the involvement of all sectors concerned before a decision is taking.

His Vision for the police

Achieve 30% or more female participation in leadership roles within the police. Enhance the quality and professionalism of police officers through targeted training.

Improve revenue generation for better incentives and rewards for officers. Strengthen Community Policing efforts.

Increase the police to person ratio and encourage policing as a career. Maintain a culture of maintenance within logistics supports units.

Foster international partnerships to enhance collaboration and capacity and others.


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