Senators Johnson, Koung Narrowly Escape Attack in Zuolay, Nimba-Home of Late General Queewonkpa

Nov 11, 2023 - 12:27
Nov 11, 2023 - 12:44
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Senators Johnson, Koung Narrowly Escape Attack in Zuolay, Nimba-Home of Late General Queewonkpa
Senators Koung & Johnson
Nimba County Senators Prince Johnson and Jeremiah Koung accompanied by other members of its "rescue team" have narrowly escaped an attack while on their regular campaign in Zuolay town, Nimba County.
Located in District #3, Zuolay town is the home of the late General Thomas Queewonkpa. The attack was allegedly carried out by Anthony Queewonkpa, son of the late General.
Anthony Queenwonkpa has denied attacking Senators Johnson and Koung. He claimed that it was Senators Johnson and Kound who tried to beat him on his way to his own Town and that he only avoided them.
However, in conversation with reporters in Nimba, Sen. Johnson revealed that Anthony Queewonkpa sent him a text threatening him not to enter his town (Zuolay) with any campaign activity.
He alleged that Queenwonka added that the failure of the rescue team to listen and adhere to the warning, they will meet resistance. The message Sen. Johnson did not take seriously but chose to enter Town. The town, he said was empty like a ghost town.

Damage Vehicle & victim undergoing treatment

While trying to get to the town chief, they were allegedly attacked by Anthony Queewonkpa and his gang leaving four persons wounded.
There was also a discharge of firearms, especially single-barrow guns but two were seized and turned over to the Liberia National Police, according to Sen. Johnson.
The victims are currently undergoing treatment at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital.
A vehicle belonging to the 'rescue team' was also damaged.

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