Simeon Freeman Alleges Irregularities in October 10 Elections

Simeon Freeman, standard bearer, Movement for Progressive Change (MPC)

Nov 1, 2023 - 21:44
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Simeon Freeman Alleges Irregularities in October 10 Elections
Simeon Freeman

Monrovia – Simeon Freeman, the standard bearer of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), has raised concerns about the recently concluded Presidential and Legislative elections held on October 10, claiming that the process was marred by irregularities. During a press conference at the Sinkor Palace hotel in Congo Town on October 20, Mr. Freeman expressed his dissatisfaction with the conduct of the elections.

Freeman emphasized that the 2023 elections would be remembered for lacking the essential elements of a free, fair, and transparent electoral process. One of the key issues he highlighted was the significant increase in the number of invalid votes, which he believed compromised the integrity of the entire election.

While he did not provide specific details on how he believed the election was unfair, he asserted that his party, MPC, received more votes than what was officially announced by the National Election Commission (NEC). Freeman pledged to address these alleged irregularities through legal channels.

The prominent businessman turned politician expressed gratitude to the thousands of supporters who placed their trust in the MPC’s vision and voted for him. He called on his supporters to remain dedicated to the party.

Freeman further criticized the election process for issues such as failure to punch voter cards after voting, delays in the printing of ballot papers, and low public awareness, all of which, he claimed, had an adverse impact on the fairness and transparency of the election.

“I am committed to using my knowledge and experience to bring about positive change in Liberia and the lives of its citizens,” Freeman stated. Having contested the presidency in 2011, 2017, and 2023, he vowed to continue his pursuit of the presidency, aiming to make a meaningful impact on the lives of all Liberians.

In a call for unity and peace, the standard bearer of the MPC urged Liberians to preserve the fragile peace the nation has enjoyed for some time. Freeman issued a stern warning, stating, “I will use my personal resources and every means at my disposal to hold accountable anyone who seeks to disrupt the peace in our beloved country. Liberia is all we have, and we must cherish it.”

Simeon Freeman’s remarks shed light on the need for addressing electoral concerns through legal channels and maintaining the peace and stability that Liberia has worked hard to achieve.

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