Why are Constant Wars in Africa, Irony of the Western Agenda?

Feb 11, 2024 - 13:24
Feb 11, 2024 - 13:30
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Why are Constant Wars in Africa, Irony of the Western Agenda?

Congo: The war in Congo has so far received no attention at all from global media nor from UN agencies, though it has been ongoing for years unhindered, yet that of Ukraine has not only received global attention. But has received global aid worth over a trillion dollars and counting, the same for Israel Palestine, where in just a few months, secretary of state of the United States of America, is seen flying around the world discussing peace as if the world stability and success depends on it, the BIG QUESTION IS WHY?


Whilst the West seems to be fueling this war in Congo with mind on natural minerals, with the Congo war running into it 28 plus years since 1996 when Minority Tutsis were murdered in Rwanda in 1994, the Congo war in itself have seen over 9million Congolese losing their lives and it has not captured the international life wire of the media, UN, super powers like the killing of just 1,300 Israelis in recent time.


Why has such atrocity been committed for such a long time without being noticed? Several answers have been given that (1) it is because the war is fueled by the West for control of natural minerals, (2) it is purely because the war is fought by black on black and such death reduces the population of the black race, which favors the white race, so on and so forth, yet in actual sense, lives are being lost.


The both above, seem to be the case, someone once said’’ if the natural minerals that are in Africa were located in the west, they would have found a war to sink black Africa under the ocean”, this is also seen on the field of sports, where black African talents are racially attacked by western fans and humiliated constantly at major international sporting events, mostly same is in the European leagues, where several of such instances can be recalled, including that of George Weah, when he won the world best player in 1995.


The war in Congo, like those in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya and a host of other hot spots, have consistently received very little or no coverage at all on the global front, aids become even harder to obtain globally.


Until the world understands the balance of survival of all races around the world and a battle against unfair human treatment, with a focus on humans and not races, the west in itself will have and know no peace, because the out flow of migrants from Africa will not stop for a second. As it is commonly known, the first form of survival technique is safety first. Every African will take all risk to get to the area of peace, so as long as the West continues to plunge the continent into a stare of constant violence to begin exploiting resources, her civilian populace will continue to migrate and compete for everything in these western countries, creating tension amongst the population, forcing western nations to put in place all kinds of immigration regulations, which will always be broken under all circumstances, as the escape from wars will not stop.


The best option for the west is to see Africa and Africans as equals and have an equal playing field to discuss and do business as equals; failure to comply with simple set rules, there will be wars in Africa yes! But there will be consistent movement of Africans into the west who fuel the wars in Africa. There will also come a time as is being seen today with Mail, Niger, Guinea and other countries shedding off the western colonial masters’ skins off them and becoming independent of those master and leaving their masters in a state of confusion and abject poverty for their western population slowly.


Who at the very end stands to lose the greatest? These and more questions will continue finding their way into the young conscious minds of the young Africans, sooner or later; the continent will have one common goal.


May the souls of all Africans who have lost their lives senselessly in these civil wars, rest in perfect peace.






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