Another Ranking member of CDC Resigns, Says They Are a Group of Money Eaters....

Mar 18, 2024 - 16:38
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Another Ranking member of CDC Resigns, Says They Are a Group of Money Eaters....

By: William Howard

Monrovia - A ranking member of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) in Liberia has tendered his resignation, citing profound disillusionment with the party's leadership and its alleged involvement in corruption and malfeasance.

Professor Lester Zomatic Tenny, PhD in his resignation letter addressed to Mr. Janga Kowo, Acting Chairman of the CDC, unleashed several corruption indictments of the party's top officials, accusing them of being national resources looters, and murderers of our people.

He outlined some disparity between the party's professed ideals and its actual conduct, decrying what he saw as a betrayal of the public trust.

He complained "When I joined the CDC in 2008, my impression was that it was a national movement for the people with a focus to facilitate the national agenda to transform the lives of our people and country," wrote Prof. Tenny. "However, neither did I realize those objectives were only on the manuscript of the party’s platform but was never intended to be implemented."

Prof. Tenny further named the disillusionment felt by many who once hailed Weah as a patriot, accusing him (Weah) and his inner circle of perpetuating a system of exploitation and oppression, enriching themselves at the expense of the Liberian people.

"Many of our people today live in penury and unacceptable ways of life because of the selfish intent of Weah and his cronies to imprison them under the canopy of a popular people’s movement," declared Prof. Tenny. "Weah like his cohorts are fraud and only come to harvest the blood and sweat of our people."

Despite the resignation of the party chair Mulbah Morlu days ago, Prof. Tenny's resignation has sent shockwaves through Liberian political circles, prompting soul-searching and calls for accountability within the CDC. His courageous stance against corruption and injustice has earned him praise from civil society organizations and ordinary citizens alike, who see him as a beacon of integrity in a sea of moral compromise.

As Liberia witnessed the fallout from this shocking revelation from a man who has placed his life on the line for the CDC for decades, all eyes are on the CDC leadership to address the damning allegations and chart a new course for the embattled party. Morlu and Tenny resignation should serve as a wake-up call for meaningful reform, or will it be dismissed as the actions of a lone dissenter? Only time will tell as the nation waits the next chapter in this unfolding saga of political and moral reckoning.

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