Beneath Decisions that could have been avoided... While is it what it is with the Army?

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Beneath Decisions that could have been avoided... While is it what it is with the Army?

Monrovia: Greater research investigation of the actions, counter actions that finally lead to the confirmation of the minister of Defense and his subsequent resignation, discovered deep entrenched actions beneath decisions that could have been avoided.
Investigation also uncovered clearly the unintentional actions taken by Self-proclaimed godfathers of the security sector, who pulled stunt that pushed the Former chief of staff to early retirement, having him become Minister of defense, with his boss moving up to the position of ambassador, thereby leaving the army itself with gaps unwanted or unneeded.

Part 1

The army is young, with a clear objective for professionalism. Within six years, the Armed forces of Liberia lost four generals who had not spent 18 years completely as military personnel to early retirement, just itself, such actions, leaves the army in a bad state, so when a young army is not embroiled in politics and other vices through the instrumentality of political figures, the very stability of the nation is not guaranteed for a minute, as politics only brews a different kind of leadership, setting a dangerous tune as was seen with the wives of soldiers holding the Nation hostage for a few days, this could have lost us far more as a young democracy, if wisdom was not applied and the Police or other forces were called in to bring the protest under control.

Part 2

What happened? Who advised? Did they not see the problems and walk into it? What were the roles of Brownie Samukai, Senator Price Johnson, Kofi Woods, and General Prince C. Johnson? How did President Joseph Boakai derive this decision making? Could it have been prevented? What are the steps to be taken before such pronouncement? Were these interactions pre planned? Who were or are the faces behind the revolution of the Soldiers' wives? These and more, Knewsonline went behind the scenes to unravel the actual, understanding what a security bridge really is, and how to avoid such occurring again.

Part 3

If the Appointment had stood the test of time, it would then have become traditional to have every new administration retire the chief of staff and have such person and Deputy move into the ministry of defense, to continue handling the army and the security of the country from external aggressors, with such trading taking shape, it would simply mean, that the army would never have generals for more than six years at a time, since for 12 years running. 
The army has always boasted of two generals at the same time, a two star and a 1st star general, so there would be a running army without mentors, experience. Whatsoever at the pinnacle of the discipline, without which, no structured army sees growth in such a way.

Part 4

It is reported that former Minister of Defense, had a Major role to play in this decision to have the Former chief of staff resign and take up the position of defense minister, to make room for his handpicked supposedly Head of Coast Guard to now take over as chief of staff, this on no small way, is a brilliant idea, most especially when the army is made of other arms like the navy and the air force, that is when we get one in the nearest future.

Investigation also uncovered that the protest and other vices had already begun springing up. Before the pronouncement of Prince C. Johnson as minister of defense, there were suggestions that all internal military complaints should be handled properly before Prince C. Johnson is allowed to retire, and then pave an easy way to the position of minister of defense.
It was reported through deep inside revelation that Brownie Samukai refused all treaties of sort and pushed Sen. Prince Johnson, in convincing the President, that it was timely and a good decision that should be made in the interest of the nation.

Did this action, advice, and not pick mean more position for Nimba? Was it innocent in nature? Were there deep undertones? These and more questions lingered and needed more answers, thus Knewsonline went even deeper to uncover the decision's interest. Was it in the interest of the state or a few individuals?

Part 5

Knewsonline spoke to key persons who have chosen to remain in the shadows on the matter but would speak only with guarantee, their identity be protected. The first accusation is that Brownie Samukai has always being controlling the army even after leaving years ago and he determined who became minister of defense, chief of staff and also Deputy chief of staff and this idea to retire General Prince C. Johnson so early, is purely the idea and push of Brownie Samukai. They went on to admit that he is the same person who wanted the Head of Coast guard to become chief of staff at the time.

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