‘’East International Rock Blasting is Killing us” Ben’s town Residents Alert Govt.

Feb 8, 2024 - 21:34
Feb 12, 2024 - 07:34
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‘’East International Rock Blasting is Killing us” Ben’s town Residents Alert Govt.

Margibi County: The plea from residents of Ben's Town in lower Margibi County intensifies as they beseech the Boakai-Koung administration for urgent action to halt the detrimental rock blasting by the East International Road Construction Company. Amidst their desperate cry, the Ministry of Justice remains hesitant, expressing reluctance to confront government officials, leaving citizens in a dire predicament.

Protesters, weary from the daily repercussions of relentless blasting, have extended their call for justice to the Ministry of Justice. However, in a disheartening twist, the Ministry cited a reluctance to face potential challenges with government officials, leaving the citizens in a precarious position and seeing their houses being damaged.

As the blasting persists, the community faces not only structural damage but also severe health issues. The potent chemicals employed in the blasting process have unleashed a wave of sickness among the citizens, manifesting in persistent colds, incessant coughing, and nasal discomfort. The health crisis is not only affecting physical well-being but is also taking an emotional toll on the lives of these residents.

The narrative becomes even more touching as a pregnant woman reportedly suffered a miscarriage due to the unsettling ground vibrations caused by the blasting. Elderly citizens, unable to escape the daily distressing sounds, find themselves increasingly vulnerable. The community, driven to desperation, is now pleading with the Ministry of Justice to overcome its hesitations and intervene on behalf of the citizens who have nowhere else to turn.

In the face of this humanitarian crisis, residents reiterate their call for immediate government and international assistance, urging intervention to cease the East International Road Construction Company's operations. The plea is not just for physical relief but for the restoration of hope and dignity in the lives of those suffering from the relentless actions that have disrupted their once-peaceful community.

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