JNB and JKK Inauguration Volunteers Lead Massive Cleanup at Duala Market

Jan 5, 2024 - 13:25
Jan 5, 2024 - 13:26
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JNB and JKK Inauguration Volunteers Lead Massive Cleanup at Duala Market

The busy Duala Market on Bushrod Island underwent a significant transformation following a robust cleanup initiative led by the JNB and JKK Inauguration Volunteers. Street vendors and marketers rejoiced, hailing it as a much-needed relief for the environment and a renewal of the market’s request.


According to marketers, collected dirt had flawed the market for months, dating back to 2023, with no action taken by the Weah-led government to address the issue or prevent the area from becoming a dumping ground for unscrupulous citizens and ‘zogoes’.


Expressing gratitude for the volunteer effort, the marketers lauded the initiative and urged its continuation beyond the upcoming presidential inauguration. “We’re immensely thankful for this cleanup by the JNB and JKK Inauguration Volunteers. We hope this project endures even after the president-elect’s inauguration,” voiced the jubilant marketers.


John-Charuk Siafa, the national coordinator for the JNB-JKK Clean-up Campaign, highlighted the collaborative efforts of various donor partners. Siafa emphasized the importance of presenting a clean Monrovia to international guests attending the inauguration, underscoring the project’s aim to reduce the prevalent dirt stocks, including those at Duala Market.

John-Charuk Siafa at Duala Market on the Bushrod island

Siafa said the project is also meant to decrease the volume of huge quantity of Dirt in the city referring to Duala Market Dirt as one of the huge dirt being stocked for a long time.

However, Siafa pointed out funding as a primary challenge. Despite individual and local business contributions, no financial support has been received from the government, national organizations, or political parties as speculated.


With the inauguration drawing nearer, Siafa appealed for additional donations to further the cleanup efforts and maintain Monrovia’s cleanliness. He acknowledged the Ministry of Public Works for providing for giving out their Caterpillar and dump trucks to transfer dirt at the filling site in Paynesville, the Liberia national fire service for cutting off fire place in dirt around the city and additionally, recognition was extended to the Liberia Marketing Association for their financial contribution.

The ongoing efforts of the JNB-JKK Clean-up Campaign team aim to enhance the aesthetics of Monrovia and Paynesville, representing a continuous endeavor to present an inviting facade to these cities. The team has been actively engaging in volunteer activities in major marketplaces, communities in Paynesville, Red-light, and other areas in Monrovia and its environs.


This cleanup drive is a precursor to the inauguration of President-Elect H.E. Joseph N. Boakai and Vice President-Elect Hon. Jeremiah Koung, scheduled for January 22, 2024.”

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