I Need $26 Million to Run LDEA,’ AB Kromah Avers to Finance Minister Boimah Kamara”

Apr 1, 2024 - 09:51
Apr 1, 2024 - 09:54
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I Need $26 Million to Run LDEA,’ AB Kromah Avers to Finance Minister Boimah Kamara”

Monrovia-The Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) is a law enforcement agency in Liberia responsible for combating drug trafficking, drug abuse, and related crimes. It was established to enforce Liberia's drug laws and uphold international drug control treaties. The agency conducts investigations, arrests, and seizures of illegal drugs and works to prevent drug-related activities within the country. Additionally, the LDEA is involved in drug education and awareness programs to inform the public about the dangers of drug abuse.

Colonel Abraham Kromah, Head of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA), expressed strong discontent towards Liberia's current Finance Minister, Boimah Kamara, for failing to prioritize the national emergency declared by the president.

With a visibly perturbed demeanor, Colonel Abraham Kromah criticized Boimah Kamara for allocating a budget to the agency that falls significantly short of what is required to effectively combat drug-related issues.

Colonel Abraham Kromah emphasized that the President's declaration of drug-related matters as a national emergency during his inaugural State of the Nation Address demands urgent and adequate attention from the Finance Minister. Such inadequate funding undermines the crucial work of the LDEA in addressing this pressing national concern.

Over the weekend Col. Abraham Kromah, expressed dissatisfaction with the budget allocated for the agency, stating that it doesn't align with its operational needs.

During a press conference over the weekend, Col. Kromah stated that the funding provided in the national budget for the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency falls short of expectations, particularly in comparison to his proposed budget.

Colonel Kromah had proposed a budget of 26 million US Dollars for the LDEA during his confirmation at the Senate, but this allocation was not realized by Finance Minister Boimah Kamara.

Col Kromah further explained that while the 26 million would not directly come from the government of Liberia, it would be allocated and expended within the medium-term framework for security purposes.

Expressing frustration, Col. Kromah suggested that the Finance Minister may have arbitrarily inserted figures into the national budget without adequate consideration for the LDEA's needs.

Meanwhile, Colonel Kromah clarified that there have been no conflicts between him and his subordinates, contrary to reports in the news media.

He denounced such reports as disrespectful and urged the writer and publisher to refrain from publishing stories with what he termed as self-serving headlines.

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