LACC Urges Outgoing Officials Including Pres. Weah, VP. Taylor to Declare Assets Before Exit  

Nov 29, 2023 - 10:11
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LACC Urges Outgoing Officials Including Pres. Weah, VP. Taylor to Declare Assets Before Exit  
LACC Commissioner Alexandra Kormah Zoe addressing Journalist at a Press Conference in Congo Town

MONROVIA: The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) through its commissioner Alexandra Kormah Zoe is urging all outgoing government officials including President George Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor to declare their assets before officially leaving office.  

The move is pursuant to Chapter 5.2, “O” of the amended and restated LACC act enshrines the institution with the responsibility of executing the Asset Declaration and Verification Regime.

Also, part 10.1 of the National Code of Conduct for all Public Officials and Employees of the Government of the Republic of Liberia captioned: Declaration of Assets and Performance Bonds provides that “Every Public Official and Employee of Government involved in making decisions affecting contracting, tendering or procurement, and issuance of licenses of various types shall sign performance or financial bonds and shall in addition declare his/her income, assets and liabilities prior to taking office and thereafter.

 Addressing a team of reporters at a news conference in Monrovia, Commissioner Kormah Zoe said the declaration process will involve providing a comprehensive list of assets, including but not limited to properties, financial holdings, investments, and any other relevant financial interests, and will be subject to verification to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal standards.

“LACC hereby issues this public notice to all outgoing officials to declare their assets by filing an Asset Declaration form with the LACC no later than Tuesday, December 12th, 2023,” Commissioner Zoe said.

This exit declaration of assets serves as a fundamental practice to demonstrate the commitment of outgoing officials to ethical conduct and integrity throughout their incumbency. By openly disclosing their financial interests, outgoing officials contribute to the promotion of a fair, just, and corruption-free system.

 On the other hand, the LACC says, it welcomes the auditing of the Weah-Taylor administration.

 “On the issue of the audit, we welcome it, and it is something that should be done… no one should shy away from an audit, so we here at the LACC, are on standby when the report comes out, we will take the step to investigate and do the necessary,” Commissioner Zoe said.

 The stance of the LACC is coming weeks after the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced the Unity Party as the winner of the 2023 Presidential elections. Since then, supporters and political pundits have continued to be on the back of the incoming leadership to audit the outgoing leadership of Pres. Weah whose administration has been marred by rampant corruption with three of his officials being sanctioned by the U.S. government for corruption among others.

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