LMDC charges TASA clinic for negligence, among other crimes in the death of 23-year-old.

Apr 1, 2024 - 07:16
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LMDC charges TASA clinic for negligence, among other crimes in the death of 23-year-old.

By: Emmanuel Toe

Paynesville City: Steve Railey, the father of late 23 year-old baby mother, Cecelia Railey has expressed frustration over the unpleasing trend the Liberia National Police have used to handle his case.

Mr. Railey said that since the incident occurred in June 2023, the police officers have yet to make a single arrest following an investigation conducted by Liberia Medical and Dental Council.

The report of the Council, which is in the possession of this station, shows that the Tasa Medical and Laboratory Clinic in FDA Community is charged for negligence and other crimes.

In June 2023, Cecelia Railey met her untimely death after she was given the wrong treatment at the time she had gone to the health facility to seek medical attention for a cough.

Her father has frowned at the officers for reportedly manhandling the case following several complaints from him without any response from the state through the LNP.

Meanwhile, the father of the deceased is calling on the Ministry of Justice to intervene in the matter and ensure that an impartial investigation is concluded and justice is served.

According to him, the conduct and conclusion of said investigation, thus bringing the perpetrators to book will end the too many unexplained deaths in the country.

"The people killed my daughter, and they are playing fun out of and the police on the other hand during nothing to arrest the nurses at the TASA clinic. It is really a sad time for our country, " Railey said. 

Explaining further, Railey revealed that in the coming days he will officially communicate with the new inspector General of the Liberia National Police  Gregory Coleman reawaken the case following several complaints to former inspector General Patrick Sudue noting that the former IG down played.

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