Multiple Robbed Nominees frown over MLMA Award. Followers termed it “deceptive”

Nov 27, 2023 - 09:22
Nov 27, 2023 - 19:51
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Multiple Robbed Nominees frown over MLMA Award. Followers termed it “deceptive”

MONROVIA: The Liberia Music Awards, commonly known as the MTN Liberia Music Awards for sponsorship reasons, is an annual Liberian music awards show held to celebrate musicians living in Liberia and the diaspora.

The MLMA is supposed to Celebrate Excellence in Music. But the committee misses the mark so frequently that they are almost a joke among music fans. 

                                     By: Odarty Blackie

The 2023 MLMA which was held at the famous Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex hosts Ezy Pain, Artamar Thompson, and Mmr Ton and it is the most controversial edition yet in its history.
-The most prestigious and honoring category at the recent MLMA is Artist of the Year 

-But some of the hard-working artists over the year 2023 have lost the award to lesser nominees. 

-Most recently, The Liberian superstar Jzyno who’s globally known for his hit song Butter My Bread featuring Ghanaian “Lasmid” was inexplicably bested by Nuchie Meek as “Artist of the Year.”

There is no reason why JZYNO should’ve lost Artist of the Year 

Fraud arose in the eyes of many when Liberian Global and most touring Artist of his time “Jzyno” who was deservedly the most nominated male artist bagging four (4) of the seven (7) categories of the MLMA award lost  “Artist Of The Year” to Nuchie Meek who also level up with four (4) awards which has placed doubt in the public.  

Jzyno has overseen the biggest transformation in the Liberian music industry for the first time as a Liberian artist making collaborations vigorously topping major music platforms globally and has set the path of taking his country’s industry to the highest of being the hottest in Africa. 

Although his industry is undeniably noted for being one of the most firm in Africa with many challenges as a consequence of its heads. 

Twenty-eight years Jzyno has stood firm amongst his fellow artists in pursuing his career for the first time as a Liberian singer been internationally nominated for two (2) separate awards, AFRIMMA and AEA-USA but lost them to the hands of Nigerian artists.

It was an astonishing moment to witness the ceremony of the MLMA when dedicating the award to Nuchie Meek the Drill Exploit in a candid opinion said. 

“This is so controversial but first of all before I say anything I want to say can’t disrespect my fans for accepting the award I love it but I want to say that this award is dedicated to Jzyno”     


Here are some underserving winners from the MLMA Award 
                   Anitrim with just two hit songs      

Anitram won two MLMA at the 2023 ceremony, the least deserving of which was in the Best New Artist Of The Year Category . ” Cheeta” is a catchy but wasn’t popular. It has nothing on A-Z Hipco Alphabet” by King Dennis” who did show up and give a triumphant performance of his many hit songs at the ceremony

Mc. Caro losing Female Artist Of The Year to the hands of Anitram 


Irrespective of her consistently being the female General over the hipco and afro pop game stunned the year 2022 with her blast Masterpiece “BABY” from her “My Way” album that immediately soared to the top of several music screaming platforms in Liberia like the Audio Mack with 912 streams among several other platforms 

Mc. caro mounted to the highest of releasing her 3Pack Album,  haven’t putting in all those efforts loss the award to           

Kobazzie “On the Low” should have never won Video of the year over Jzyno “Butter My Bread” featuring Lasmid.                                        

Owing to the fact that the music video “Butter My Bread” was shot by an experienced Nigerian videographer and director who many believe invested more time ensuring towards good quality in the video and also through his direction identifies with the African culture with dress code symbolizing and portraying the natural beauty of African women but none were seen captured in “On the Low”.

2023 Radio Personality of the year makes no sense 


At the 2023 MLMA, Onear Robert a former veteran entertainer and now political talk show host who didn’t even show up to pick his MLMA collected Radio Personality Of The Year from “DJ Weezy” who for all his life has focused most on persistently and consistently building the media and the minds of young determinants of entertainment despite the trials in the industry.

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