President Boakai Demonstrates Openness by Disclosing Assets

Feb 8, 2024 - 12:40
Feb 8, 2024 - 13:03
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President Boakai Demonstrates Openness by Disclosing Assets


In a courageous move showcasing his dedication to transparency and responsibility, Liberian President Joseph Nyuma Boakai publicly revealed his assets today at the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) in Monrovia.

President Boakai’s choice to divulge his assets not only underscores his commitment to combating corruption but also highlights the integrity of both himself and his administration.

Shortly after declaring his assets at the LACC, President Boakai emphasized the significance of upholding the principles of honesty and impartiality within both the institution and his government.

"Transparency is the foundation of good governance," President Boakai asserted, his voice resounding with conviction. "As leaders, it is our responsibility to lead by example and showcase our unwavering dedication to accountability."

Moreover, President Boakai’s statements acted as a call to action for all government officials to emulate and adhere to the highest moral standards. "We must hold ourselves accountable to the people we serve," he declared, his words reverberating through the corridors of the LACC. 

Madam Patricia Barnaby, the LACC Asset Declaration & Verification Officer, received President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s documents/assets. Other LACC officials present included Vice Chairperson Ernest Hughes and Commissioner for Monitoring and Investigations Samuel Dakana. 

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has not appointed anyone at the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.

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