President Boakai's Safety Compromised: Intruder Breaches Security Protocol

Jan 31, 2024 - 08:42
Jan 31, 2024 - 08:52
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President Boakai's Safety Compromised: Intruder Breaches Security Protocol

A circulating video on social media depicts an alarming breach of security protocol as an unidentified individual physically attacked President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, yet the president emerged unharmed. In the footage, the individual navigated through the crowd and grabbed the president's chest while surrounded by his security personnel.

This incident unfolded during the United Methodist University graduation ceremony, where President Boakai was scheduled to attend. The brazen attack has sparked widespread concern for the president's safety, prompting calls for a thorough investigation from the authorities to ascertain the motives behind the assault.

Despite public outcry, both the president's office and the security apparatus have remained silent regarding the incident and their response to the assailant. Notably, this marks the first such attack on President Boakai since assuming office just a week ago.

The individual attempted to pull the president from behind before being apprehended by members of the Executive Protective Service. The breach occurred as President Boakai was greeting university administrative staff upon his arrival.

The assailant, clad in a white shirt, breached security protocols to target President Boakai from behind during his interaction with the United Methodist University administration.

As of the latest update, the Executive Protection Service (EPS) has yet to release any details regarding the situation, intensifying public scrutiny of the president's security measures.

Acknowledging the breach, the Executive Mansion confirmed an attempted intrusion and assured the public of an ongoing investigation. Presidential Press Secretary Kula Bonah Nyei Fofana stated that both the Executive Protective Service and the Liberia National Police are actively probing the incident to prevent future security breaches.

President Boakai proceeded with his scheduled activities despite the incident, prompting public discourse on the necessity of immediate changes to his security detail.

Liberians are expressing grave concerns over the proximity of the intruder to the president and the underlying motives behind the attack.

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