Slap in the Face of LFA, as Second Vice President Aldophus Dolo to Face Three Match Suspension for Misconduct

Oct 24, 2023 - 23:12
Nov 1, 2023 - 23:13
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Slap in the Face of LFA, as Second Vice President Aldophus Dolo to Face Three Match Suspension for Misconduct
Aldophus Dolo

The Second Vice President of the Liberia Football Association Mr. Aldophus Dolo set to face a three-match Suspension and a fine of Forty Thousand Liberian Dollars for allegedly stopping the game involving his club Earth Angels and Shaita Angels.

On Saturday, October 21, 2023, the LFA Second Vice President allegedly put a stop to his side Earth Angels from honoring their match day four league encounter with league leader Shaita Angels at the North Star Sports Stadium in Mount Barclay.

It was established that the reason behind Mr. Dolo’s decision to stop his girls from playing was based on the late arrival of the three-match officials who were assigned to officiate said encounter.

Following the situation on Saturday afternoon KOOL TALKING SPORTS immediately placed a call to the LFA Second Vice President asking why his players were refusing to come out of the dressing room.

Mr. Dolo responded that his side would not honor such a match because of the late arrival of the three match officials.

“We will not honor this match because we have waited for ten minutes now and we can’t see the ref and his team if we were the one that was going to show up ten minutes past four, trust me we were going to lose the points,” he said
“We will not play this game, we are the ones that made the law and we should execute the law.”
Mr. Dolo responds after a phone call with KOOL TALKING SPORTS.

After a day-long investigation by the Liberia Football Association, on Monday, October 23, 2023, the football association competition department awarded Shaita Angels Football Club all three points and two goals indicating that Earth Angels forfeited the match as supported by Chapter 3, Art 4.1-h and Art 4.4 of the LFA 2023-2024 Rules and Regulations.


According to the rules of LFA, Chapter Four states that ” A club official, player, LFA official or member of a club who Interfer with the progress of a match shall be liable to a fine of forty thousand (LRD 40,000) and suspended from attending the club’s next three round of matches under the jurisdiction of the LFA.”

“The LFA Disciplinary Committee could impose further punishment based on the severity of the interference.”

With said rules and regulations Mr. Dole is posed to be the first high-rank LFA official to be suspended in 2023 for Misconduct.

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