Fire Ravages Nine Bed-Room Apartment in Kakata as Victims Launch SOS Call

Mar 31, 2024 - 20:07
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Fire Ravages Nine Bed-Room Apartment in Kakata as Victims Launch SOS Call

By: Moses M. Tokpah

Margibi County: An aggressive fire outbreak has ravaged a nine-room apartment in the New Kakata Community in Kakata City Margibi County displaying all of its occupants.

The cause of the recent fire disaster is yet to be established as it is being reported that there was no electricity in the apartment neither was there any home generator operating prior to the outbreak. 

But one of the victims who is said to have been renting three rooms in the apartment, Joseph Masay told newsman that the fire outbreak might have been perpetrated by someone adding that the fire started right to their window in the room and in his words, there was no fire material in the area. 

According to Mr. Masay who is a taxi driver, he left for work as early as 5am, but was informed that the kids did not make up fire and that they were pounding cassava leaves during the morning hours when the fire incident started.

When asked if there was a confusion between any occupant of the house and an outsider, Mr. Masay said his wife and their neighbors had misunderstanding where she was accused of threatening them (neighbors) and she on the other hand accused them of abusing her.

He mentioned that the both parties were then investigated and his wife was vindicated after which the issue was being settled, but said the fire outbreak however occurred the day after the settlement was done.

Joseph Masay continued that he was also informed that a pack of matches was found under their window where the fire started and picture of it was seen by him in his junior pastor’s phone. 

Mr. Masay at the same time narrated that the fire disaster caused him a great lost as the fire destroyed his ninety thousand Liberian dollars (L$90,000) and one thousand United States dollars (US$1,000) along with valuable car spare parts such as Toyota Garbon engine and a gear box as well as one Amira gear box respectively.

Additionally, the fire victim asserted that he was informed that another victim of the fire disaster who was expected to travel at the end of the week the incident occurred, lost his traveling documents, while others whose doors were locked and were not present also lost everything they had in the house.

He further indicated that as the result of the fire incident, he and his family have been forced to seek refuge in a Church building along the Bong Mines road in Kakata, while the rest of the occupants have been accommodated in a one room apartment offered them by their neighbor.

Joseph Masay said he cannot determine the length of time they are going to be in the Church building, adding that if he can stay there and God helps him to relocate with his family, they will definitely do so.

Meanwhile, Joseph on behave of the fire victims has launched an SOS call to the Government of Liberia, local and international non-governmental organizations and other philanthropists to come to their aid.

He explained that right now to even find a cup of rice to eat in Liberia is a difficult task what more about getting money to rent right away, and it is on that note Mr. Masay said they are crying on central government and others who will hear their voices to come to their aid.

“We are only crying on central government to help because right now to even find a cup of rice to eat in Liberia now is just like task then thing like this happens to you, where will you get the money to go rent right away, so we still staying back asking those that will hear our voice to come to our aid” he cried out.

In addition to that, the fire victim indicated that for now they are just like a display in Kakata, pointing out that even cloths to wear they don’t have, and people have to give them one trousers before they wear it. He continued that pin was not taken from the house as such, the children do not have slippers to wear.

Another victim whose parents own the house, Othello G. Suah revealed that on the day of the fire outbreak he was lying down in his room; but later went outside, and while sitting he only saw the pregnant woman in whose room the fire started, shouting that there was fire on the building.

Othello disclosed that before they could make up their minds to get their belongings from the house, the fire has spread rapidly destroying everything they had.

He also recounted that the house is not connected to the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), and there was no one cooking neither someone ever made up fire that morning.

Othello is at the same time calling on the Government of Liberia and other non-governmental organizations to help rebuild their house, and as for the materials that got burned, they will struggle to get new ones. 


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