Man 41 Arrested for Criminally Buying Voters Cards in Favor of Former House Speaker ahead of Re-run in Sodoken

Jan 16, 2024 - 16:18
Jan 16, 2024 - 16:19
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Man 41 Arrested for Criminally Buying Voters Cards in Favor of Former House Speaker ahead of Re-run in Sodoken

Pleebo, Maryland:  Hodo Bedell, age 41 has been arrested by the Liberian National Police, Pleebo Detachment for allegedly stealing Voters cards belonging to Anthony Nyumah, age 35 and Namu Johnson age 38.


Anthony and Namu, both are entitled to the rights of voting in Old Sodoken, Precinct code 27027 where a re-run election is expected to be held.


Police report reveal that on Sunday January 14, 2024 at about 2000hrs, Victim Anthony Nyumah and Namu Johnson both residents of Pleebo Zone#10 reportedly alleged that while they were around the Pleebo Zone #1 community talking about the re-run election between Anthony F. Williams and former house speaker Bhofal Chambers, Suspect Hodo Bedell, 41 and a resident of the same area asked them whether they have voting right in old Sodoken and they admitted and he (Hodo Bedell)  requested for their Voting Cards and when they took the cards to show it to him, the suspect criminally ran away with their cards.

‘’We chased him along with other community members but couldn't get him and immediately we ran at the police station to report the incident."


However, police through their endless efforts, arrested Suspect Hodo Bedell on Monday, 15th January, 2024 at 1300hrs.


During Police CID/CSD interview through voluntary statement, suspect Bedell admitted to the allegations.


Bedell told CSD investigators that said act was criminally organized by Mechizedeck Toe, Mayor of Harper City, who is one of the major campaigners for Bhofal Chambers.


Meanwhile, suspect Hodo Bedell has been charged with THEFT and HARASSMENT but has since been detained at the Pleebo Police station.


Police investigation in the matter continues, as Co- suspect Mechizedeck Toe is yet to be arrested for continuation of the investigation.


Since the rerun election was announced by the supreme court to be held in Old Sodoken, Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County, citizens have been raising alarms that supporters of Mr. Bhofal Chambers are buying Voters ID Cards belonging to People who have voting rights in Old Sodoken, where the rerun will take place.


However, a leaked video recording in possession of Knews shows suspect Hodo Bedell and Reed H. Harmon, making arrangement with citizens to buy their voter cards.


Sources say; the reason behind the purchasing of Voter Cards is to stop Electorates from voting during the date of the rerun since they have intensions to elect Anthony Williams in the rerun election in Old Sodoken.


By: Peter P. Toe

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